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Just wanted to say that I really dig your Daryl Toh fanart! It's cool seeing his characters in a different style. Also your demon character and his demon character would be best buds.

Thank you! :)
And wow, I’m surprised anyone even realizes I have a demon character considering I rarely even draw my oc’s. I’ve still yet to draw Gregor’s sister :\

[ King for a Day ]

Eh, pretty much gave up halfway though this. That’s why it looks so ‘flat’, but thought I might as well post it.

So yeah, who is looking forward to the king Gavin lets play?

lyrics "Blue Sky Action (Club Mix)" by A&B (currently unreleased)

edit: “Blue Sky Action” (club mix) has been released now, but A&B changed it. Sounds more like a stupid pop song now :(

[ Arambol - Logo ]

Logo design…

This took me forever to do since I have no idea how to make anything in Illustrator. Also considering how simple the trapezoid symbol is I wouldn’t be surprised if a company already used something similar, but googling ‘trapezoid logo’ returns next to nothing :\